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Why Nevada

About Nevada

Nevada remains one of our most popular states for forming your company. Incorporating in this state offers business owners significant benefits, such as tax structure. Nevada has no franchise tax. It also has no corporate income tax or personal income tax.

In addition, the state is pretty anonymous for business owners – publicly accessible are only names of the company executives, no company owners.

Prior to incorporating in Nevada, business owners must have a Business license, which is part of the Annual report.

Main Advantages of Incorporating in Nevada

  • NO Information Sharing Agreement with the IRS
  • NO personal or corporate income tax, even for businesses that operate out of state
  • NO corporate shares or taxes
  • NO franchise tax and franchise tax on income
  • NO unitary and estate taxes
  • Stockholders/LLC Members are NOT shown on Public Record
  • Only One Person Required
  • Minimal reporting and disclosure requirements
  • Minimal tax for employer payroll
  • A business court that reduces time, risk, and cost of commercial litigation

Annual reports

Nevada corporations are required to file an Annual List of Officers or Annual List of Directors. You need to file Annual Report, which also includes Business License, every year. First Annual Report has to be filed on the day of forming the company.

The fees for Annual Report and Business license are not the lowest – INC $670, LLC $370. And for the annual report, you have to pay immediately on the day of forming the company.


The State of Nevada is not asking about the address or place of business in the incorporation process and is not part of the Articles of Incorporation. The only address that is required is the address of officers (president, secretary, treasurer, and director). The big advantage is that you can use our mail forwarding address to protect the privacy of officers.

Registered agent

According to Nevada law, business entities formed by the Nevada Secretary of State must appoint a registered agent. A Nevada registered agent must be a Nevada resident or business entity with a physical address in Nevada, where the registered agent will accept hand-delivered services of the process during regular business hours.

The registered agent is responsible for receiving important legal and tax documents on behalf of incorporated companies. Also, the registered agent must keep a copy of the Articles of Incorporation, a copy of the corporate bylaws, and the stock ledger of the company or a statement that provides the name and address of the actual custodian of the stock ledger.

We can serve as your Resident Agent whether or not we originally formed your company! At $59 per year!


  • NO personal or corporate income tax
  • NO corporate shares or taxes
  • NO franchise tax and franchise tax on income
  • NO unitary and estate taxes
  • NO inheritance or gift tax
  • Competitive Sales and Property Tax Rates

Company name

When you are selecting the name, you will have to pay attention towards unique selling propositions and branding as well. Also, you can operate under a different business name instead of the company name.

If you want to check company name in Nevada, please use our form.

Get an EIN

The Employee Identification Number, which is also known as the EIN, can be considered as the federal tax number that is being used to identify your business. If you are planning to form a corporation, LLC, or a partnership, you need to have an EIN. We can assist you with getting an EIN. Use our EIN Assistance Service for just $25.