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Start your new Nevada company, 100% ONLINE!

Registered Agent & Mail Forwarding Services

Register your company in NEVADA for ONLY $89.00 + State fees

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Our service FAQ

How long have we been in the Incorporation business? Our references?

We have incorporated hundreds of companies in Europe and worldwide. We have been in Nevada from 2001. To check our references, please go to Nevada Secretary of State website at and search by resident agent name. Please enter John Vanhara or “, Inc. You will see thousands of companies, in Nevada, handled by us. We offer very aggressive and competetive pricing packages. We work hard to get most of the orders processed very quickly.

Do you provide a corporate kit? Do I need a kit? Is a kit part of our offer?

If you have filed Articles of incorporation, you have a legal company. A corporate/LLC kit, which consists of a personalized binder, minutes, by-laws/operating agreement, resolutions, share/membership certificates (and a corporate seal) is not necessary to be legal. It is, however, useful in terms of both organizing your paperwork and helping structure your corporation optimally. Additionally, record keeping is a critical part of maintaining your corporation’s good standing.

Can you obtain a certificate of good standing?

A certificate of good standing, which is also called a certificate of existence, is a document issued by the Secretary of State which certifies that your corporation does exist legally and that it is in good standing with the State. We can obtain one for you.

Can you change the amount of shares after you already set up the corporation and how?

To change the amount of shares your corporation is authorized to issue can be done by changing Articles. It is done by Amendment and by Restating Articles. We charge $89 + state fees for doing any amendments or restating Articles.

How can I pay if I have trouble with Paypal or Credit Card?

You can always mail a personal check, money order or cashier check. We can also email you information for wire transfer. You can also fax credit card authorization form. Just print it out and fax to us. Credit card authorizaton forms are available on each product page.

For fast processing of expedite orders please don’t use personal checks. Personal checks take an additional 3-4 business days to clear. If you are OK with delay you can use them.