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Foreign Qualification

If you intend to grow your existing company from a different state into Nevada, you must do so through a Registration of Foreign Company. Reasons include theopening of a new office in a different state or employing new staff from a different state.

A corporation is domestic only in the state it originated out of. For all other states, your organization is considered an LLC or foreign corporation. If yourorganization will conduct business in a different state, you’ll need to register for a Certificate of Authority. Besides potential fines, the penalties for not qualifying in a foreign state where your organization conducts business might result in revocation of access in that state’s courts.

Further, LLCs and corporations must pay annual report fees and taxes in both formation states (aka their domestic states), as well as all other states where the corporation qualifies as an LLC or foreign corporation. Also, many states force LLCs and corporations to have a registered agent in every state where the organization is qualified. This agent needs to accessible to obtain vital correspondence from the state, as well as others representing the organization.

Our service is comprised of:

  • Preliminary name checks in the qualified state.
  • Filing and preparation for the Certificate of Authority in the qualified state.
  • Acquiring a Good Standing Certificate or certified duplicate for your company from the formatting state, which needs to go along with your Certificate of Authority (normal procedure).
  • Initial state filing cost payments. 6 to 8 weeks is the usual deadline for the foreign qualification process.


Foreign Qualification in Nevada