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Registered Agent & Mail Forwarding Services

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Amendments of Articles

If details in the Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation need to be adjusted, you can file for an Amendment of Articles. For instance, you can change a business’ name, purpose,the amount of authorized shares, or value of them (for corporations only).

Business License and Annual Report

All businesses are required to file an Annual/Initial List and State business license each year, as mandated by the State of Nevada.

Certificate of Good Standing

A Certificate of Existence, otherwise known as the Nevada Certificate of Good Standing, is a document the Secretary of State issues that certifies your company’s legal existence and that it is in good standing with the state. We can acquire one on your behalf. The normal price is $70 and the expedited rate is $150. Normal service takes between 15 to 30 days, while expedited service takes up to 48 hours.

Corporate & LLC Kit

If you wish to have your Company Minutes properly sorted, our Corporate & LLC Kit may be of assistance. All Company Minutes are filed by us, contained in an enclosed kit, and delivered to you. With it, you can ensure that your paperwork is properly filed and sorted.


If you intend to close your corporation and file for dissolution, this will officially end the life of your business.

Dissolution must be signed by an incorporation or director.

EIN Assistance

Every organization must have a tax ID called EIN which the IRS issues. We suggest you obtain EIN upon incorporation of your business.

Foreign Qualification

If you intend to grow your existing company from a different state into Nevada, you must do so through a Registration of Foreign Company. Reasons include theopening of a new office in a different state or employing new staff from a different state.

Minutes of the Company

Every corporation must manage Minutes of the Company, which can be time-consuming. We file all Minutes of the Company

Nevada Apostille

Issued by the Secretary of State, the Apostille is a document that some institutions, like banks, might require if you want to open an account with them. Apostille comes with a certified copy of Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation.

It requires between 15 to 30 days for normal service, or 24 to 48 business hours for expedited service (as well as mailing time, unless you opt for digital delivery).

Registered Agent

A registered agent is a third-party registered in the same state where a company was established and who is responsible for obtaining service of process notices, Secretary of State correspondence, and other official notifications from the government (which generally is comprised of lawsuit notices and tax forms), representing the LLC or corporation. Every organization that does not have an office based in the state where it is formed must pay for Registered Agent service in this state.


If your organization received a Revoked status and you intend to keep your company running, you must file Reinstatement of Corporation or LLC and pay all penalties and fees due.

S Status Election

An “S Corporation” opts for taxation under the Internal Revenue Code’s Subchapter S and obtains approval by the IRS upon request for Subchapter S status. As a non-existing individual (legal entity), the S corporation is distinct and separate from the shareholders of the corporation. In the eyes of Nevada incorporation law, S and C corporations have no distinction. They have an identical incorporation process. That said, both corporate entities face unique state and federal tax treatment.